Wagons have been growing in popularity throughout the years, and many automakers are starting to equip these automobiles with a wide array of features. The new Volvo V60 possesses advanced technology, plenty of space and dynamic good looks. Of course, this vehicle can be used on all those morning commutes to Herndon thanks to its impressive driving features and overall comfort.

The Volvo V60 is heaven on wheels in a sense. This vehicle creates a driving experience that's top-of-the-line thanks to its advanced chassis and powerful engine. As a driver, you'll be able to accommodate four more passengers, and the seats come in premium upholstery. Whether you're embarking on a long road trip or you're simply cruising around Washington, DC, the V60's premium leather seats will provide comfort to the highest level. For those who want to engage in an exceptional driving experience, the V60 allows you to choose from various driving modes.

Meeting your personal driving taste is what Volvo does best. The interior of this wagon is quite contemporary thanks to its high-tech features. Unlike other modern-day wagons, this particular cabin simplifies the control settings allowing you fewer headaches. Front-seat passengers can enjoy the benefits of contoured seating. For an abundance of natural lighting and exceptional viewing, the Volvo V60 comes equipped with a sunroof. In addition to that, there's a nine-inch Sensus touchscreen found in the center dash, and this touchscreen is quite responsive to touch.

Your passengers will adore the look of all the wonderful features, such as metal and driftwood accents. On top of that, the control knobs, air vents as well as the rotary control are laced in diamond-patterned finishes. The advanced system in the cabin allows for ease of use when connecting your smartphone. Many of your smartphone's features will appear on the wagon's Sensus touchscreen such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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