You can thank Volvo for some of the most reliable vehicles you see on the highways of Herndon. Each Volvo has something special, and the same could be said about the V60 Cross Country. The following are some key features we think are going to be enough to tug at your heart and help you see why you need a test drive.


The Volvo V60 Cross Country has impeccable power and performance that is worth highlighting. This vehicle has a V4 engine giving you up to 250 horsepower, which that is a lot of power for a vehicle of its class.

You can dominate the streets of Washington, DC with this impressive engine, and what is even more fun to learn is that one of the trims comes with a supercharged V4 engine that offers up to 316 horsepower. It should also be pointed out that the suspension system is adaptive, so it should be able to absorb any road condition more effectively, giving you more peace while driving.


Volvo has been focused on the driver and their safety on the streets of Springfield, VA since its inception. All you need to do is drive any of the models that Volvo has produced to see how much emphasis the automaker has put on comfort and safety. One thing we think you are going to like is the lane-keeping assist system.

The system will create visual and audio cues to make sure you are paying attention to the road because it can sense that you are drifting into another lane. The V60 also comes with collision avoidance assist that senses if there is a vehicle, pedestrian, or bicyclist in front of you that might cause a frontal collision. It senses objects in front of you and quickly gets your attention so that you have enough time to brake and avoid this accident.

Test Drive the Volvo V60 Cross Country Today!

These are just some features we think you will love to experience yourself during the test drive though there is a lot more for you to learn about, so stop by Fairfax Volvo Cars near Woodbridge today if you're looking to learn more about the capable and comfortable Volvo V60 Cross Country.

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