Get A Vacation To Sweden


Purchase a Volvo, get a vacation

Purchase any new Volvo within the Volvo Overseas Delivery Program and you'll discover a truly unique way to buy a car, as well as a truly incredible way to discover Europe.

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What's included?


  • Two round-trip tickets to Scandinavia

  • First-class hotel (1 night) in Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Home shipment services to your U.S. Volvo dealer


How does Overseas Delivery work?


Step 1

Order the Volvo of your dreams from your local Volvo showroom.

Step 2

Pick up your new Volvo at the Gothenburg Factory Delivery Center in Sweden or any official delivery location in Europe.

Step 3

Test-drive your Volvo on the roads of Sweden. Choose one of our specially curated tours or venture out on your own, anywhere in Europe.

Step 4

Drop off your new Volvo back in Gothenburg or any official drop-off location in Europe. Then sit back and relax, we'll take care of all paperwork, including import duties and excise taxes, before shipping your new Volvo home to your local Volvo dealer.

Custom ordering through Overseas Delivery

Another great advantage of the Volvo Overseas Delivery Program is the ability to fully customize your new Volvo with options normally available only in Europe. That means select special colors, wheels, interiors, inlays, etc. are now available on your custom-ordered Overseas Delivery Volvo. 

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